You Look Familiar

December 12, 2017

Remember me? The person that used to run this blog in her free time? Well that free time is now occupied by instagram. (You should come over and take a look btw. There are so many fun pics to see!) So when I got the renewal notice for this blog a few days ago, I decided I was just going to shut it down. Yet after two years, I somehow remembered my login password, how to use the dashboard tools, and even made a few updates. Just like the good ol’ days.

So I’ve decided to keep it. Because I can’t throw away anything with sentimental value.

Alot has happened in two years: I now have a full-time job, I paint regularly, and my participation with Minted has resulted in some amazing opportunities. I’m also building a tiny home in my boyfriend’s backyard. All of this keeps me pretty busy, so I’m shooting for monthly updates at best. But I’m so very glad we’re talking again. And it’s nice to see you!


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