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To Market, To Market …

May 20, 2013


Have you guys been by an Anthropologie store lately? Can we talk about the garden display? It is so dang cool! All your favorite farmers’ market fruits and veggies recreated with paper mache (and even a little sewn fabric). This produce almost looks better than the real thing. And if you’d rather skip planting a real garden this year, Anthropologie posts a DIY tutorial on how to create your own root veggies. These pics were taken at the San Francisco and Berkeley stores—and boy, do I hope my own tomatoes look this good in a few months.


Painted Planks

April 18, 2013


I saw this cool tabletop at the flea market a few months ago and I’ve been holding onto this pic for inspiration. I remember the table being pretty large and it looked like it had been made of old flooring and reclaimed wood. Love the explosion of colors and textures. Speaking of … look below and check out the floors in Serendipity, a gift shop here in SF. Who says art needs to be hung on the walls?


Spring Display at Anthropologie

March 26, 2013


These colorful cutouts have been on display in Anthropologie’s downtown SF windows for a few months now. I’m not sure what it all means, but they remind me of hand-dyed Easter eggs. And since Easter is right around the corner, I thought I’d share.


Wooden Chevron Wall Panels

February 28, 2013


Stripes are my weakness—I must own about 45 t-shirts alone, that all look very similar to the naked eye. But each one is unique: thin stripes, thick stripes, horizontal, vertical, alternating thicknesses, blue, grey, black, multi-colored, etc….you get the idea. And chevron just kicks the basic stripe obsession up a notch. No longer satisfied to simply wear a zig-zag, or scatter them throughout my home via a few sofa pillows, I’ve been keeping an eye open for more substantial treatments. And these ideas caught my attention.


Top to bottom: Merry Merry Modern wall art; Wooden panel window display at J Crew; Yellow Zig Zag panels; counter display at La Cocina in the Ferry Building, SF; DIY tutorial for planters at Zelo Photo Blog (photo property of Zelo Photography)