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Uplifting Exteriors

July 22, 2013


It always makes me smile to see a brightly colored building. Probably because I grew up in Buffalo where winters are long and homes are traditional. The upbeat colors make me feel like I’m on vacation somewhere warm and exotic. Just looking at these two homes makes me stress-free. Throw in a palm tree and I’m good to go.


(Top: Image by Paul Warchol via Architectural Digest; Bottom: source unknown)

Dream Kitchens

April 29, 2013


{Source unknown}

It doesn’t have to be huge, or have a Viking oven and a Sub-Zero fridge, or even be modern and “smart”. It just has to be functional and have some personality. For the longest time I’ve dreamed of a white kitchen with rustic wood, tile floors and pops of red—and this room pretty much sums it up. Not only do I love the minimal color palette—but those cupboards are to die-for. The fact that they’re used only below the counter makes the space feel open, and somewhat industrial. And those awesome ceiling beams, along with that farmhouse sink, are just icing on the cake. So what are some must-haves in your dream kitchen?

My Bedroom Retreat on Apartment Therapy

March 25, 2013


What a nice surprise: I found out on Friday that Apartment Therapy selected my bedroom for their Bedroom Retreat contest. The four entries with the most “favorites” go to the semi-finals, and you can vote for me here if you’re so inclined (thank you in advance!). Deadline to vote is April 1st. I do love my bedroom—it’s much sunnier than the pictures indicate and it contains a bunch of things I’ve accumulated over time. While a constant work in progress, the resources for it’s current look are listed below.


• The slipper chair was a roadside find in Cleveland, scored by my roommate at the time. I eventually wrangled it away from her years later (thanks again Jen—and Ron!). It has been reupholstered a few times, and currently is covered in this Thomas Paul Aviary fabric I got for a steal on eBay.

• The small flower paintings were done by me. The large painting over the bed was a hand-me-down from art school. I’ve always loved the colors.

• Bedspread, pillows, rug, mirrors, window panels and bowls on dresser are all from West Elm, a few seasons ago.

• Small ikat bed billow is from yiayias on Etsy.

• Missoni for Target chevron blanket.

• Dresser is from Past Perfect on Lombard Street here in San Francisco

• White zig-zag tray and candlesticks on dresser were flea market finds—as were the nightstands.

• Lamps are from Target, and the shades are from Restoration Hardware.

The Elusive Cocktail Table

March 19, 2013

cb2 parlour chair

In a moment of spontaneity last fall, I sold my black steel coffee table. The curvy legs and little balls at the ends bugged me (I did buy it in the early ’90’s), and I wanted something cooler to go with my mid-century inspired pieces. But I do have some post-sale regret: it looked OK in the space, was the one thing I could hide under in an earthquake, and was a total bargain.


In it’s place I’ve been using this little side table to get by but it’s just too tall/small. I use my coffee table for many things, such as eating and working on my laptop, and this one is killin’ me. It’s gone on long enough and I need something asap. Problem is, I’m not sure what to get. So I took images of the types of tables I’m leaning towards and crudely photoshopped them into my space. And I want (no, need) your opinions—and suggestions: am leaning towards something like #5 or #6. Thanks in advance!


Recreating This Colorful Cottage

March 5, 2013


{Image from Blueprint Magazine}

I’ve been saving this picture of sculptor Elena Colombo’s bungalow for at least 5 years. I love everything about it: the red and light blue color combo; the bold, graphic pillows; the outdoorsy touches; the red logs! It was obviously curated over time, mixing vintage pieces with modern textiles. However, if you’re impatient like me, sometimes you just want what you want when you want it. And if I was going to try and recreate the feel of this room—all at once, with what’s available right now—this is how I’d do it.


Mirror / Chandelier / Painting / Paint


Platform sofa covered in this Amy Butler jade green fabric / Red flower pillow / Red and off-white coral pillow / Solid white pillow


Plate / Bowl / Sea urchin shell / Vintage french paperbacks / Vintage Hollywood Regency table (while it lasts!)


DIY instructions for painting tree stumps (photo property of Thrifty and Chic) / Red paint / You’ll come across a bunch of these big glass jugs at the flea market (this one’s from Alameda), but if not, try Etsy or get a new one here / Green rug / Flooring