A 2017 Trifecta

December 20, 2017

I had a bunch of artistic goals this year and wasn’t very successful at accomplishing most of them: I wanted to create a big collection of paintings, get into a few gallery shows, work on a handful of commissions, and sell my original work via an online store. Maybe next year.

That being said, some unexpected, even more exciting surprises happened along the way.

I recently found out that two of my greeting card designs have been picked up by Pottery Barn Kids. Hooray (above) and Tiny Ewe (below) are now for sale in all stores nationwide! Thanks to Minted, and their ever-expanding partnerships, this marks the third time this year one of my favorite retailers has decided to carry my work.

You can can also find Tiny Ewe, along with You’re Weird (a personal favorite), at select Target stores nationwide. Needless to say, this was a pinch-me moment. For these cards I worked with copy sourced from a Minted writing challenge (though the punster in me couldn’t resist changing “tiny you” to “tiny ewe”). Copy written by Margaret Edith and J. Dario, respectively.

And lastly, you’ll find my painting After The Storm (below) at westelm. This will be for sale online through mid-2018. And had the other opportunities not happened, this alone would’ve made my year.

So for now, who cares about failed goals. In 2017, my dreams officially came true!


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