You Look Familiar

December 12, 2017

Remember me? The person that used to run this blog in her free time? Well that free time is now occupied by instagram. (You should come over and take a look btw. There are so many fun pics to see!) So when I got the renewal notice for this blog a few days ago, I decided I was just going to shut it down. Yet after two years, I somehow remembered my login password, how to use the dashboard tools, and even made a few updates. Just like the good ol’ days.

So I’ve decided to keep it. Because I can’t throw away anything with sentimental value.

Alot has happened in two years: I now have a full-time job, I paint regularly, and my participation with Minted has resulted in some amazing opportunities. I’m also building a tiny home in my boyfriend’s backyard. All of this keeps me pretty busy, so I’m shooting for monthly updates at best. But I’m so very glad we’re talking again. And it’s nice to see you!


Giving the gift of art (prints)

December 1, 2015


I’ve slowly, but surely, been adding artwork to my Minted store the past few months, at You can find some recent wins, like Pasture (above), as well as some self-launched pieces, like Red Barn (below)—just in time for the holidays.



I particularly love these art challenges as they’re a great outlet for experimentation: I’ve been working on creating loose patterns, as well as painting a little more abstractly. These were done in guache, watercolor, oil—and even water-based oil paints.




I’ll be adding more artwork in the coming months, as I enter the next wave of challenges, so check back periodically if you’d like. You might even find a notebook, pillow, or some wrapping paper in there as well. Thanks for visiting!



A Show of the Left Coast Colorists

November 13, 2015


Friends, I’m excited to be showing four paintings in my first juried art show this month! This was one of my goals for 2015, so I’m thrilled that it’s actually a reality. The gallery is located at 50 Wharf Rd. in Bolinas, CA, right on the (left) coast. And if you happen to live locally you can check out the opening this Sunday from 1-3. Otherwise, it runs every Thursday-Sunday in November (minus Thanksgiving Day).

There are over 20 artists represented, all of whom paint together at Marin Art School. This show was primarily organized by Dorallen Davis, who I’ve been studying with at MAS for the past 4+ years, and judged by Camille Przewodek, both accomplished colorists.

By the way, if you’re wondering what a colorist is exactly: it’s an approach that uses vibrant colors to push the warm and cool effects of the sun. Think Monet, Van Gogh and the rest of the Impressionists. It’s a really fun way to look at the world.





Botanical Textures

September 8, 2015


I am really into painting flowers lately: just drawn into all the colors and textures I guess. So last month I took a little field trip to the San Francisco Botanical Garden and spent the afternoon wandering around, discovering new plants, and getting up close.


I generally paint from life, but these images might inspire some abstract explorations down the road.




This area is so tranquil. And such a beautifully landscaped section of Golden Gate Park. I could spend hours wandering around the paths, exploring. I think my favorite might be the Ancient Plant Garden. Don’t the ones above look prehistoric?





I love that shade of green. So many fun things to see in this place, whether you’re right in the thick of it, or sitting back enjoying the long view.

Customizable Notebooks

July 29, 2015

Bird Rock journal

In addition to art prints and greeting cards, did you know you can buy personalized notebooks, address books and planners on Minted? Last year I entered one of these challenges and now have a few notebooks for sale: you can find Bird Rock here and Macaroons here.

Macaroons journal

Add your name (or a recipient’s), pick a colorway, and customize the finishing by choosing grommets or spiral binding. You can even choose lined or unlined paper, calendar sheets, or address pages, depending on the intended use.

Bird rock journal

Heck, while you’re at it, throw in some stickers. Like Minted says, you can basically personalize these notebooks to suit any purpose. Happy journaling!

Macaroons journal

(All images by Minted)